We have an opportunity in the Lower Cape Fear to adjust and create innovative ways to meet the needs of the community and propel us all forward to a more just and equitable future.

Almost two years later, we are still living through a global pandemic that has unearthed social and economic inequities and was a breaking point for systems that have failed American women and people of color for generations. YWCA Lower Cape Fear continues to move our mission to eliminate racism and empower women forward through our wrap-around programs and services. 

YWCA provides resources, support, and hands-on training for people, particularly women, who are working towards self-sufficiency, as well as wrap-around services like accessible and affordable childcare, transportation, health literacy, and more.   

We cannot do this work alone. With the strength of people and power of community we can endure. Your support of the 36th Annual Women of Achievement Awards will ensure that we continue to deliver life-changing services to those most in need.

advocacy and social justice

We are committed to helping individuals, organizations, and companies in the Lower Cape Fear region to improve race relations and find ways to eliminate racism through constructive dialogue and meaningful action. Programs include: 

 What's Wrong With Different?

Stand Against Racism

Potluck for Peace

Talk On Race

Talk On Health

Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge

Health & Safety

We offer a variety of aquatics programs to promote water safety, water skills, and access to affordable and fun exercise. The YWCA Pool is open year-round, with open-air swimming during the spring and summer months, and covered by our pool bubble in the fall and winter months. Programs include:

Water Aerobics

Swim Lessons

Swim Team

Flow Motion

Y Dub Tri Club

Lifeguard Certification

Family Empowerment & Support

We advocate and offer support for families that assist them in moving toards economic independence, connect them to resources, help them overcome obstacles, and empower them to strengthen and grow together. Programs include:

Grandparent Support Network

Early Parenthood Program of Columbus County

Early Education & Youth Enrichment

We offer a quality, affordable and accessible early childhood education that assists adults in moving towards economic independence and provides children with culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate activites that enables children to succeed in school. Programs include:

Early Learning Academy

After School

Summer Camp


Economic Advancement of Women

We work to empower young women, eliminate barriers, and provide resources that allow women to become full participants in the economic mainstream of our community. We believe when women are empowered to achieve economic self-sufficiency, communities thrive. Programs include:

New Choices

Moving Ahead Gaining Financial Independence

STRIVE Workforce Development Training

Living the Dream Center for Entrepreneurship

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