Award Categories

Advocacy & Social Justice - Recognizes significant contributions of an advocate for an important cause or policy, such as the environment, civil or human rights, voting rights, victims' rights, animal rights or by challenging injustice and valueing diversity through her profession or volunteerism.


Arts & Culture - Recognizes a professional or volunteer making significant contributions in the visual, literacy, cultural, performing and graphic arts, television, radio, journalism, and/or architecture field. 


Business - Recognizes a professional or volunteer making significant contributions in business, industry, banking, marketing, public relations, law or finance, and/or those who are self-employed who have contributed their time and talents to local businesses. 


Education - Recognizes signifiant contributions in the field of education as a teacher, administrator, researcher, coach, volunteer, and/or librarian. The nominee should demonstrate commitment to improving the quality of education. 


Health & Wellness - Recognizes significant contributions in the fields of medicine and/or fitness. The nominee may be a physician, dentist, nurse, researcher, volunteer, therapist, technician, and/or administrator. 


Public Services - Recognizes significant contributions that enhance the quality of life for the community. The nominee may work or volunteer  for the government as an elected/appointed official, a non-profit or in any field that has a positive impact on public policy. 


Trailbalzer - Recognizes a young woman 35 or under that is creating, participating or adapting initatitves to empower women, eliminate racism, and/or making positve change in her industry or community.


Rachel Freeman Unsung Hero - Recognizes a woman who has overcome significant personal obstacles in her life and is not in the beginning phase of serving others, her family, and/or community through her profession or volunteerism. This award is in memory of Ms. Rachel Freeman, who served as President of the YWCA Board and on many YWCA committees. She was an active community member, a champion of education, and served in the NHC School Board for more than 10 years. 


Young Leader Scholarship - Recognizes two women ages 17-21 who are making significant contributions to their communities. One scholarship will be awarded based on merit, and one awarded based on mission. The mission award focuses on a woman who has bounced back from adveristy in her young life; this young leader is defined by her perseverance, not be her hurder. The Young Leader Scholarship will award $1,000 to be used for post-secondary education at an accredited educational institution. 

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